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Ok so basically I got tired of two things. Blogging about rap, and niggas who get no females tryna play Dr. Phil and messing up the game for brothas such as myself who are aspiring panty droppers  with their stupid, worthless, inexperienced advice. Now, I'm no Wilt Chamberlain but I've had my fair share of run ins with the fairer sex (which is just a term for women) and I've come up with five reasons as to why men shouldn't cheat on women. You can check out my person experience with cheating, here.

1. It's gonna Be Hard To Come Back!

Cheating is wrong for both sides, obviously, but the woman takes it a little bit harder,obviously. To a guy, one of two reactions are normal when you find out a woman cheats (I say you because it hasn't happened to me yet (knock on wood (no homo))), you either
leave the women, or you get even & get over it. The woman, however, takes it way harder than that. Women also talk about things a lot more than men do, they call all their friends, and make secret status' & subtweets about it whether you actually cheated or
not. This may not make it difficult for you to get laid again, but in a couple months when you're ready to settle back down, any lady who's ever known her, or you, or worse yet, both of you, will know what you did. You have genuinely changed as a person, but to a women, "Yes I've cheated, but I've moved on now" is like a woman saying to a man "Yes, I used to kick men in the balls, go through their phones & scratch their cars, but I'm past that now". Would you go back to that girl, fellas?

2. There's No Way To Win!

Cheating is a big deal and given women's penchant for overreacting about everything, imagine how they'll react when something actually warrants a big reaction? To women, there's no way to soften the blow. If the woman you cheat with is uglier than your girl, she'll be devastated because "it wasn't about sex, it was about love! You love that ugly bitch"! I mean, it kind of makes sense, to a woman. If the woman you cheat with is more attractive, then your girl will feel inferior & hate herself to levels that will only compare to the hate she has for you, and the girl you cheated with. If the girl is someone you've known for a while, then she'll get nervous any time you mention a "friend". If the girl is someone you just met, she'll get nervous whenever you go anywhere!

3. Expensive

Most people with money, and those without it, like to give off the impression that they're rich. I don't mind spending a buck or two on a lady, the more delicate and nicely dressed she is, the more I'll throw in, though I've never went anywhere near $100 (unless you count hotel room, you know what i mean ;)). But imagine the amount of flowers, bears, dinners, dresses, chocolates, movie tickets, etc, you'll have to
buy to try and make up for your infidelity? Do you have that much money? I don't.

4. Someone Else Gets Caught Up In Drama

It takes three to cheat. The person cheating, the person being cheated with, and the person being cheated on. Now, obviously the first two will feel the repercussions of the cheating when it comes to light, but what about the women who was cheated with?
What if she didn't know you were still with your girl? What if she had honest feelings for you? Either way, you shouldn't get a person involved in your relationship, especially not in that capacity.

5. shouldn't Do That To Someone You Love

The title says it all man, don't do it, it's not worth it in the long run. Just break up, or if the sex is getting boring, ask me for a copy of my homemade porn series, "BaraGoneWild". It features many new techniques that the government doesn't want you
to know about. It also comes with a copy of my music.


I hope this meant something to you. Here's a video of me cheating on a very hot girl with a very hot girl. I made it work. You can't. PEACE!
(All pictures are taken from scenes in or for this video.)